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NASA Ames Research Center, California
Moffett Field Conference Center (Ballroom, Building 3)
May 15-17, 2008


Thursday May 15

    07:30 - Meet at Ramada Inn for badging and transport to conference center

    08:00 - Registration (at Moffett Field Conference Center)
    08:30 - Personal greet

  • 08:45 - Call to order Local Organzing Committee (Y. Cagle, NASA Ames)
  • 08:45 - Opening (P. Worden, Director NASA Ames Research Center)
  • 09:00 - Goals and Objectives of the Reentry Emission Signatures III Workshop (P. Jenniskens, SETI Institute)

Friday May 16

Saturday May 17

Registered participants (Registration form):

  • J. Albers (Lockheed Martin, CA)
  • K. Anderson (Second Nature, Sunnyvale, CA)
  • J. Arnold (NASA Ames Research Center, CA)
  • P. Atreya (Armagh Obervatory, U.K.)
  • A. Bavandi (ESA/ESTEC, the Netherlands)
  • E. Barker (NASA/JSC Orbital Debris Office, TX)
  • P. Benarroche (CNES/ATV Flight Director, Toulouse, France)
  • D. Breit (Diablo Valley College, CA)
  • S. Bumgarner (Diablo Valley College, CA)
  • I. Boyd (Univ. Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI)
  • I. Cagle (NASA Ames Research Center, CA)
  • T. Cardoza (H211 LLC, CA)
  • I. Cozmuta (Eloret Corp., NASA Ames, CA)
  • R. Dantowitz (Clay Center Observatory, MA)
  • I. Davis (Califronia Meteor Society, CA)
  • E. De Pasquale (ATV Mission Director ESA D/OPS-HAO)
  • D. W. Dunham (International Occultation Timing Association)
  • L. A. Dynneson (Fremont Peak Observatory Association, CA)
  • L. Francillout (CNES, Toulouse, France)
  • G. Fruth (Aerospace Corporation, CA)
  • J.-F. Goester (CNES, Toulouse, France)
  • B. Haberman (ALPO, CA)
  • F. Harms (Deutsches SOFIA Institute, Univ. Stuttgart, Germany)
  • J. Hatton (ESA/ESTEC, the Netherlands)
  • D. Holman (American Meteor Society, CA)
  • P. Jenniskens (SETI Institute, CA)
  • D. Jordan (NASA Ames, CA)
  • C. Kitting (California State University, East Bay, CA)
  • H. Klinkrad (ESA/ESOC Orbital Debris Office, Germany)
  • M. Koop (Lockheed Martin, CA)
  • C. Levit (NASA Ames Research Center, CA)
  • T. Lips (Hypersonic Technology Goettingen, Germany)
  • P. Maley (NASA/JSC, TX)
  • G. McHarg (USAF Academy, CO)
  • J. Nissen (Montana State University, MT)
  • G. Ortega (ESA/ESTEC, the Netherlands)
  • E. Pfueller (DSI, NASA Ames)
  • D. Prabhu (NASA Ames Research Center, CA)
  • R. L. Rairden (Lockheed Martin Missiles and Space, CA)
  • M. Ross (The Aerospace Corporation, CA)
  • J. Snively (Utah State University, UT)
  • M. J. Steinkopf (ESA-ATV Mission Director for Re-Entry Phase, ESA D/OPS/HAO)
  • H. Stenbaek-Nielsen (Univ. of Alaska, Fairbanks, AK)
  • K. Trumble (NASA Ames Research Center, CA)
  • J. Vaubaillon (Caltech, CA)
  • S. Weikert (ASTOS Solutions GmbH, Germany)
  • M. Wiedemann (DSI, NASA Ames)
  • P. D. Wilde (ACTA Inc., Houston, TX)
  • M. Wilson (UC San Francisco, CA)
  • M. Winter (Ecole Centrale Paris, France)
  • J. Wolf (NASA Ames/Deutsches SOFIA Institut, CA)

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Hosted by: The SETI Institute
Curator: Peter Jenniskens

Responsible NASA Official: Yvonne Cagle
Responsible ESA Official: Jason Hatton
Last update: March 05, 2008

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