User Recommendations for ATV Re-entry Observations

Tobias Lips, Hypersonic Technology Goettingen, Katlenburg-Lindau, Germany
The results from a future ATV re-entry observation campaign are expected to be used as an input for verifications of the ESA software SCARAB (Spacecraft Atmospheric Re-entry and Aerothermal Break-up) which is used for simulations of the mechanical and thermal destruction of spacecraft during re-entry. SCARAB re-entry simulations for the Ariane-5 EPC stage were already compared in the past with airborne optical and radar observations. Based on the gained experiences and on the available SCARAB results for the ATV break-up during re-entry, recommendations for future ATV re-entry observations will be given. Of special interest are solar panel break-off, attitude motion and trajectory data before break-up, break-up event characteristics (explosive or not), spreading of fragment trails.